Lil Wayne says "Being celibate was hardest part of prison sentence"

The hip-hop star told Rolling Stone the closest thing he had to companionship in his cell in Rikers Island, New York, was a picture of a woman from a magazine that he taped to the wall.

“Anyone starts looking good in that b****,” he tells the US music magazine. “Like, ‘Damn, look at HER with that uniform on, Mrs Officer!’”

The star still insists the gun he was sent to jail over was not his, but he says he was man enough to take the punishment.

“I dropped my nuts and took it,” he said, referring to his eight-month prison sentence.

He also tells the magazine that being behind bars wasn’t so bad.

He said: “Not to use the word ‘easy’ – but it wasn’t as difficult as people might think. There’s difficulty – mentally, just waking up every day in that motherf*****. But once you get over that, it’s all good.”

And he insists it wasn’t the length of time he had to go without sex that bothered him, just the total lack of opportunity, adding that he’s been celibate before for eight months, because he was on tour.

“If you meet a girl on tour, she just wants to get f*****,” he says. “I don’t f*** – I make love. You’re gonna FEEL it.”

But he soon reveals his ‘romantic’ comments are just a sham when he complains to the Rolling Stone journalist about how his girlfriend wants to kiss when they have sex – and then asking a friend to bring over some “chicks”, saying: “New p**** is always good”.


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